Opportunity for Health

Research Related to Health Consequences of a Changing Economy

The Opioid Crisis And the Labor Market
Video · Institute for Research on Poverty (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Deindustrialization, Mortality, and Fiscal Decline in the U.S.
Podcasts & Audio · WZB - Berlin Social Science Center
Economic Opportunity, Drug Overdose Mortality, and Disability
Research Article · Center for Financial Security, University of Wisconsin, Working Paper
The Intersecting Health Disasters of the Pandemic and Its Economic Meltdown
Video · Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics
Housing, housing policy, and deaths of despair
Research Article · Health Services Research
Where Auto Plants Close, Opioid Deaths Rise
Podcasts & Audio · Daily Detroit
Opioid Deaths Rise When Auto Plants Close, Study Shows
In the Media · The New York Times
Who cares about the health of health care workers?
Podcasts & Audio · American Journal of Public Health Podcast
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