Opportunity for Health

Opportunity Policy

Health and the American Dream
October 6, 2023 · Public lecture, Yale College

Reimagining the American Dream to Resuscitate America’s Health
October 3, 2023 · Lecture, St. Olaf College

Continuous Eligibility And Coverage Policies Expanded Children’s Medicaid Enrollment
June 5, 2023 · Health Affairs

Potential gaps in income support policies for those in poor health: The case of the earned income tax credit-A cross sectional analysis
May 12, 2023 · SSM-Population Health

Addressing the American Health Crisis: Investing in Economic Opportunity and Well-Being in our Communities
March 13, 2023 · Laurence E Carroll, MD 2023 Lecture

Fiscal Structures and Economic Mobility in the United States
March 7, 2023 · Princeton Office of Population Research (OPR) Seminar Series

Maternal Mortality and Women’s Political Power
February 28, 2023 · Journal of the European Economic Association

Women’s Fertility and Labor Market Responses to a Health Innovation
January 23, 2023 · Journal of the European Economic Association

As Medicaid Continuous Coverage Requirement Ends, Randomized Controlled Trials Can Minimize Churn
September 27, 2022 · Health Affairs Forefront

Building Black Wealth — The Role of Health Systems in Closing the Gap
September 1, 2022 · New England Journal of Medicine