Opportunity for Health

US elections: treating the acute-on-chronic decompensation


As the USA nears the 2020 presidential election, the country remains confounded by a confluence of population health and economic issues. There are regional epidemics of unsuppressed severe COVID-19. The country is experiencing a sustained period of economic contraction resulting from local policy (eg, stay-at-home orders) and spontaneous collective physical distancing responses to the COVID-19 epidemic. Both of these burdens are inequitably borne by Black, Latin, and American Indian communities,¬†whose disproportionate killings by police have been widely known but only recently highlighted in the sustained, widespread protests in support of the Black Lives Matter movement sparked by George Floyd’s killing earlier this year.¬†Whether US citizens choose to re-elect President Donald Trump or replace him with former Vice President Joseph Biden, the next president faces an overwhelming amount of work.