Opportunity for Health

Research Related to Opportunity Policy

Health and the American Dream
Video · Public lecture, Yale College
Fiscal Structures and Economic Mobility in the United States
Video · Princeton Office of Population Research (OPR) Seminar Series
Maternal Mortality and Women's Political Power
Research Article · Journal of the European Economic Association
Women's Fertility and Labor Market Responses to a Health Innovation
Research Article · Journal of the European Economic Association
Building Black Wealth — The Role of Health Systems in Closing the Gap
Research Article · New England Journal of Medicine
Economic Opportunity, Public Policy, and Population Health
Video · Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women's Hospital Global Health Grand Rounds
In-Person Benefit Reloading Requirements Decreased WIC Participation During the Pandemic
News · Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics Blog Post
Recessions and Health in the Time of Covid-19
Video · Network of Alberta Health Economists (NOAHE)
US elections: treating the acute-on-chronic decompensation
Research Article · The Lancet Public Health
Early-life Medicaid Coverage and Intergenerational Economic Mobility
Research Article · Journal of Health and Social Behavior
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